Jenga my heart, Oh God!


  1. Heritage led to a hurt heart
    1. Wept, prayed, and fasted
      1. It was his home
      2. It was his country/nation
    2. Not just about physical repairs
      1. They were left vulnerable
      2. They brought it on themselves
  2. Determination led to passionate pleas
    1. King
      1. To be able to go
      2. For supplies
    2. People of Israel
      1. Find some pride to rebuild
      2. Obey God
  3. Passion brought about effective execution
    1. Assessed and developed a plan
      1. Plan to physically rebuild
      2. Plan to spiritually rebuild
    2. Fought through adversity
      1. External enemies
      2. Internal enemies


When our heart is built on Christ, the holes in my life and the holes in my brother/sister’s life will hurt equally bad.


When our heart is built on Christ, we will plea with the Holy Spirit to return us to the right path.

When our heart is built on Christ, we will take effective steps to repair our broken heart.


And the best place to see and do these things is the church…Welcome Back!