Sermons from September 2016

Sermons from September 2016

Individual Gears

You are…1 Cor 12:27-31 Together the body of Christ Individually members of the same body Appointed gifts to benefit the same body   Without love, the church is…1 Cor 13 Without purpose Without value Without hope   Position Attributes Responsibilities Time   It’s time to discover your appointed PART, for the sake of the new soul Jesus is leading our way.

Many Parts

Entering the Body – vs. 12-13 Romans 12:4-8 John 3:3,5 1 Corinthians 6:19 Galatians 5:22,23 Various Functions – vs. 14-20 Interdependence of the Parts – vs. 21-24 “I don’t need you” Jesus washes the disciple’s feet – Jn. 13:12-17; Phil. 2:3-8 God put parts together In This Body Together -vs.  25-26 Acts 12:1-5 Participant or Spectator?

One Machine

The church… Has a platform built of a solid declaration – Matthew 16:13-19 Is continually being fine tuned by Jesus – Ephesians 5:22-30 Provides a vision of what others may obtain – Acts 2:42-47; 2 Corinthians 3:2-3 Functions on the engine of remembrance – Revelation 2:1-7 A Christ Inspired church is a gathering of raw materials to build on the platform that Jesus is the Christ, and when fully functioning, will turn heads as a lost and dying world observes…

The Great Misconception

Why do good things happen to bad people? God speaks to the unrighteous. (vs. 1-8) God uses the decisions of the unrighteous. (vs. 9-13) The unrighteous recognize God. (vs. 14-16) The unrighteous listen when God gets their attention. (vs. 25-36) The unrighteous give credit where credit is due. (vs. 37-39) The difference between unrighteous and righteous is putting God first. (vs. 40-44) The way to see Jesus and glorify God through tragedy is to answer this question, “Which life are…