Sermons from August 2016

Sermons from August 2016

Really, people can and do change

  Sermon Scripture:  Genesis 38 Sermon Big Idea:  God uses the sinful to bring about rescue of a nation Judah’s heart became calloused. – Genesis 37:26-27 Judah’s heart was focused on earthly desires. – Genesis 38:1-5 Judah’s heart had an unhealthy fear of God. – Genesis 38:11 Judah repented in his heart and his faith followed. – Genesis 38:26 Through his pain Judah confessed, showed courage, and celebrated as God did amazing things. Our breakthrough (Perez) will come when we…

Really, sometimes there is a reason

Even when genetics were pure, man chose poorly. Words people hate – Choices, Consequences, No Principles of healing – restoration It involves the past When hearts are hurt, we want to build walls Revealing leads to healing Are we going through life or growing through life?

Really, why do bad things happen?

A father’s deceit and favoritism brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 37:3-4) Jealousy brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 37:28) Physical desire and lies brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 39:6b-7) A bad memory caused pain and suffering. (Gen. 40:23) Lack of vision caused pain and suffering. (Gen. 50:15;19-20) The long and short of it is that SIN causes pain and suffering. God allows it and in some cases God issues it, but because of man’s SIN. (Gen. 38:7,10) Testing of our faith…

#1 Best Selling Book of all Time

A Marvelous Book Marvelous Creation Marvelous Content Marvelous Authorship Marvelous Story Martha’s Bind – Luke 10:38-42 Marginal Benefit – Mark 1:35-37; Mark 6:46; Mark 14:13; Luke 5:16