Sermons on Genesis

God’s Design for Marriage

Colossians 3:17-19 Genesis 1:26-2:23 There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Marriage Avoid at all costs the “Exchange System” in marriage (aka the “if only” game) Committing to speak our spouses love language (find your love language at We can live selflessly in marriage with our words Ephesians 5:21

One Flesh Sermon Series

The Four C’s of Marriage

Tim & Anita Severance share important topics that affect every marriage. Genesis 3:14-21 I. Communication in Marriage – Ephesians 4:15; James 1:19 II. Conflict in Marriage – 1 Corinthians 7:28 III. Connection in Marriage – Genesis 2:24; Mark 10:8-9 IV. Christ in Marriage – Matthew 7:24-27

One Flesh Sermon Series

Divide and Be Conquered

Satan tried to divide the one flesh into two. (v. 1-5) He spoke directly to Eve He tried to confuse God’s words (3:1) The instruction was given to Adam (2:15-17) Individually, Eve made a decision. (v. 6) No mention of a discussion Good for food, delight to the eyes, able to make one wise Together,…

One Flesh Sermon Series

Transfer of Responsibility

God placed man in the garden to work. From his work he would sustain life. There were limitations to the provision. There were consequences for going beyond the limitations. God noticed Adam’s loneliness. Not good No suitable helper – no obvious helper for him God created a suitable helper. From Adam’s rib Like him God…

The Great Misconception

Why do good things happen to bad people? God speaks to the unrighteous. (vs. 1-8) God uses the decisions of the unrighteous. (vs. 9-13) The unrighteous recognize God. (vs. 14-16) The unrighteous listen when God gets their attention. (vs. 25-36) The unrighteous give credit where credit is due. (vs. 37-39) The difference between unrighteous and…

Really, people can and do change

  Sermon Scripture:  Genesis 38 Sermon Big Idea:  God uses the sinful to bring about rescue of a nation Judah’s heart became calloused. – Genesis 37:26-27 Judah’s heart was focused on earthly desires. – Genesis 38:1-5 Judah’s heart had an unhealthy fear of God. – Genesis 38:11 Judah repented in his heart and his faith…

Really, why do bad things happen?

A father’s deceit and favoritism brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 37:3-4) Jealousy brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 37:28) Physical desire and lies brought pain and suffering. (Gen. 39:6b-7) A bad memory caused pain and suffering. (Gen. 40:23) Lack of vision caused pain and suffering. (Gen. 50:15;19-20) The long and short of it is that SIN…