Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis

Testimony – How I became a Christian

Growing up, my family was not a regular “Church going family”, occasionally we attended the Catholic Church. It really wasn’t until 1997 when my wife and I had our first child and experienced that miracle that I really had a motivating experience to move me to understanding. My wife had been a regular church attendant when she was younger. Over the next few years and the miracle of another child, I really began to see God working in our lives. God was there all along and while my wife knew it, it took me awhile.

Inside, I knew. Yeah, we face lots of disappointments, losses and struggles; family, professional, societal, life. We are no different than any other family in that regard and there were/are days when I wonder how did that happen, both horrific and wonderful. My faith is solid.

My faith is simple: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, he is unwavering, he is always there, he is always present, and he loves me even when I believe I don’t deserve it.

For me, being a Christian is a journey, a walk of life and not a “destination”. Being a Christian involves daily work, study, effort and practice. I’m continuing to learn, but just like any other, once in a while I get tripped by a sidewalk crack.

Family Life

Married to Debra for 25 yrs. We have 2 children, Alex and Kelsey


Hunting, fishing, attending sporting events


NE Region Manager for Panther Drilling Systems
Dale Farrier
Senior Minister
Andy Bratton