“If anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife, and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination. For an overseer,[c] as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined. He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound[d] doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.” – Titus 1:6-9

Andy Bratton

Andy and his family are ready for the next adventure in the journey God has called them to. He enrolled in the Master’s program at Cincinnati Christian University. He attends classes once per week at their satellite campus in Indianapolis. He has two semesters of classes left after the current fall semester is over.

Kevin Davis

Testimony – How I became a Christian Growing up, my family was not a regular “Church going family”, occasionally we attended the Catholic Church. It really wasn’t until 1997 when my wife and I had our first child and experienced that miracle that I really had a motivating experience to move me to understanding. My…

Mike Babcock

Testimony – How I became a Christian God gifted me with a family that made KCC home. KCC has always been my family of faith. At the age of nine, I walked up front and confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior to the Church that loved and taught me the Way! Giving my life…

Dean Farrier

Dean was born into a Christian family, which dedicated him as is an infant to be raised in a Godly way of life. He asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord at age 4 and was Baptized at KCC at age 14. Dean has known since childhood that God expected him to work in and…

Tim Severance

Tim attended Great Lakes Christain College, Northwestern Michigan College, and graduated from Western Michigan University in 2000 with a Computer Information Systems degree. He served on the mission field in Haiti with three different missions over a period of 12 years. He and wife, Anita have 2 children, Scott & Kaylin.