Posts from March 2016

A Letter from H.O.P.E. Mission (Badgeros) in Haiti

Jeff is doing a great job getting the plane repaired and teaching. The taxiway for the airport in Gonaives is also moving forward. The owner of the airport, Michal, found us a room above an orphanage by the airport to stay in for the rest of our stay here. What a blessing to be settled!…

Water & the Spirit

Congratulations to Molly Stewart & her son Jack who were baptized last Tuesday, March 1st!  Molly & Jack were baptized by Andy Bratton. Please welcome them to the KCC family!  Pray for Molly & Jack as they strive to walk closer with Jesus Christ, their Lord & Savior.

Making a Murder

Edgy Sermon Series

Sunday, February 28th, KCC launched a new sermon series entitled “Making a Murder.” The title is a play off the very popular Netflix drama “Making a Murderer.” Jesus dying on the cross is not often thought of as a murder. A sacrifice. A death. But not a murder. Yet it was. The sermon series will…